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Portable Restroom Comfort XL

Portable Restroom Comfort XL


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Party Rentals Pros' Portable Restroom Comfort XL - Accessibility and Luxury Combined 

Introducing the Portable Restroom Comfort XL from Party Rentals Pros – a top-tier solution for those requiring enhanced accessibility and extra space. Designed with the utmost consideration for users with physical disabilities or mobility impairments, this model is an indispensable addition to any event, including weddings, concerts, fairs, and festivals.

Why Choose the Comfort XL Model?

  • Superior Accessibility Features: The Comfort XL boasts more than 16 square feet of open interior floor space, roll-in ground level access, and interior handrails, making it fully wheelchair-accessible.
  • Enhanced User Comfort: An oversized, self-closing door ensures privacy and ease of use, catering to all guests' needs.
  • Deluxe Amenities Available: Elevate the experience further by equipping the unit with deluxe amenities, including portable sinks and hand sanitizing stations.
  • Versatile for All Events: Its thoughtful design and features make it perfect for a wide range of events where inclusivity and comfort are paramount.

Key Features:

  • Spacious interior with over 16 square feet of floor space
  • Wheelchair-accessible design with roll-in access
  • Interior handrails for added safety
  • Oversized door for easy entry and exit
  • Option to include additional luxury amenities


  • Inclusive and Welcoming: Ensures all guests, regardless of mobility, can enjoy the event comfortably.
  • High Standard of Hygiene: Paired with sanitization stations, it meets the highest hygiene needs.
  • Elegant and Practical: The perfect blend of practicality and elegance for any upscale event.

Contact Us: For an inclusive, comfortable, and hygienic portable restroom solution, choose the Comfort XL model from Party Rentals Pros. Reach out to us today to ensure accessibility and luxury at your next event!

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